To help Webtrends develop an SDK by empowering their employees through training and idiomatic platform creation.


Defining the SDK’s feature set relied heavily on Webtrends’ years of iterative Android development and testing.


A three-month onsite engagement laid a scalable groundwork for a comprehensive mobile analytics platform.


Webtrends iOS platform is now internally supported and prepared for opportunities to expand into the future.

From 2010 to 2012, Webtrends developed a static iOS software development kit (SDK) that, for its time, was all they required. As iOS grew and iterated, the SDK fell short of its objective. It had also fallen well short of iOS users expectations and Webtrends reached out to Metal Toad for help.

Though Webtrends had plenty of Android experience in-house, they lacked an experienced iOS team that could update their SDK up to snuff. With the iOS9 release pending, they asked the Toads to spare a few hands to be on-site during the tear down of the old kit, the grassroots build of the new kit, and training for the Webtrends team for iOS work.

Discovery was short and sweet. The SDK’s feature set was already defined as it was simply mirroring the Android platform. The iOS foundation needed to be established to ensure the success of future app development projects. 

Ultimately, the engagement spanned three months and the Toads worked on-site at Webtrends downtown Portland headquarters to forge strong relationships with their mobile team. The end goal focused on ease-of-developer use, SDK stability, as well as accomplishing the business goals for Webtrends mobile platform - an impressive portfolio with thousands of apps and millions of users.

The process required the Toads to be flexible in abstraction. Webtrends developers still needed to be engaged in ongoing projects so limited oversight was given to the bootstrap iOS SDK build. Luckily, the Toads came through with flying colors.

The impact was felt immediately. Webtrends SDK is now idiomatic and friendly to iOS users around the globe. Additionally, where the old SDK took a developer nearly an hour to set up a new build, the new kit undertakes the same process in less than a minute. The build process, unit test process, and documentation process were all automated and the platform can fun with little supervision well into the future.

At the time of launch, Metal Toad and Webtrends were the first collaboration in the world to provide analytics for the Apple Watch. This was the cherry on top of a highly successful joint venture into the world of SDK development, iOS iteration, and cross-company team building.

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