The Emmys


To help create customizable, year-round web destinations revolving around the Emmys and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


Consulting with internal stakeholders revealed the need for photo and video integration and hosting and support during annual traffic spikes.


Metal Toad integrated Brightcove with a custom CMS to combine great user-media interaction with a responsive and flexible admin experience.


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences maintains their web properties and has a great partner for ongoing hosting support.

“Metal Toad were great partners in building our online properties. Their command of Drupal, project management style, understanding of our brands, and ability to work collaboratively and creatively with a Client have been outstanding.”

- Academy Team Member

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences had a problem. They needed their web properties (,, and to incorporate stylish layouts with professional video and high quality photo galleries while maintaining flexible, internally-owned content management. The goal was to create highly stylized and branded web properties that could provide content to users 365 day per year. Along with this, the site had to be able to weather high performance traffic demands with zero reliability questions.

The discovery process unveiled the true complexity of the project. Not only did design partners and Metal Toad need to create a great user experience to consumers, but it was also necessary to generate a fast, reliable, and flexible backend for Emmys admins. The problem could only be solved with a high-quality online video host integrated with a dynamic content management system (CMS).

The solution coupled the flexible and customizable CMS with Brightcove, a premier online video platform. This allowed admins to provide media and content to users easily and, if desired, in a variety of different formats.

Now that the sites were up and running, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences needed help hosting and supporting them. Metal Toad’s Managed Services offering was an ideal fit to fill this role. With around-the-clock hosting, support, and security (especially during the traffic spikes on Awards Night), the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences could rest assured knowing that a team of talented Toads had their back.

Even after the initial engagement in 2009, the Emmys chose Metal Toad for all their service needs. The Toads have proudly supported the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences through multiple shows with immense traffic loads and even a brand redesign in early 2010. The partnership eventually swelled passed the ongoing development, security updates, and hosting - the Toads have consulted on digital strategy and search engine optimization (SEO).

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