To help mobile visitors enjoy a rich and flexible interactive experience, tapping into the power of users' social networks while exposing them to the diverse offerings of Sony’s web properties.


Reviewing the current implementation helped stakeholders determine the best overall workflows for data entry, CDN integration, dynamic versus static publishing, and user tracking.


Metal Toad implemented a CMS that integrated with Sony’s current infrastructure and the new site deployed statically while managing multiple stages of CDN integrations.


Sony was able to rapidly produce fresh content for the site using a seamless workflow for content creators, from data entry to site review to deployment to innovative social media integration.

Sony is a company that inspires and fulfills our curiosity with groundbreaking technology, services, and content. This commitment has expanded Sony from an electronics business to a visionary music, movies, games, devices, and network services company.

Following a successful project, Sony reengaged with Sisu and Metal Toad for a redesign of to offer their users fresh content, social media integration, and an engaging showcase of the full product suite. Initial discovery dove into the many stakeholders across the Sony brand to determine individual business unit needs and a consistent web presence of the brand. Meeting each and every stakeholders' needs quickly became the overarching goal.

To accomplish this, Metal Toad provided a robust, flexible, and customized CMS. Content could be rapidly created and arranged into the homepage layout to be published upon demand by content managers across the business units. One major challenge was ensuring persistent content, which was solved by archiving all published content to Beyond Tumblr, integrations also included Twitter and SiteCatalyst.

Metal Toad topped off the project by enabling content managers to create basic pages and implementing the Search redesign. Building a user-friendly format for the content generators offered Sony the flexibility and responsiveness it required in order to reach its consumers with fresh content through multiple channels on a regular basis.

Design Partner:

Sisu, Inc.

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