To help Savers engage an international, multilingual retail customer base through a unified web presence.


Consulting with Savers and their partners allowed Metal Toad to focus on a holistic web ecosystem.


Metal Toad implemented a location-based, multilingual web solution that allowed Savers admins to manage content for multiple sites from one location.


Savers and their sub-brands enjoy a well-designed, search engine optimized multi-site environment that effectively communicates to a diverse customer base.

The fabulous dev team has been great to work with! I have been incredibly impressed with the problem solving capabilities, collaboration, the responsiveness, long hours, and positive attitudes. I am 100% confident this team can and will find a solution.

- Tricia J., Savers Senior Marketing & Internal Communications Manager

Savers is a global thrift retailer with over 300 locations and have 20,000 employees across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Their donations, reselling, and recycling allows communities to keep more than 650 million pounds of used goods from landfills year after year. Savers routinely contributes to over 100 charitable causes and, in order to do this more effectively, they engaged Metal Toad to enhance their web presence and their online customer’s user experience.

Savers leverages events and seasonality into their promotional strategy. What makes the Savers team special in this regard is that they promote a wide range of events based on different country’s holidays in multiple languages via multichannel syndication. Savers’ ambition to help people across the globe can make this process difficult and it was imperative that the new technological tools from Metal Toad make this coordination as easy as possible.

Discovery uncovered a interwoven working relationship with a remote Client and multiple external stakeholders. Creative and SEO partners were to be engaged throughout the development process and the Toads’ strength in project management would have to enable strong working partnerships with all parties. In order to reach success, Metal Toad would have to please three separate firms with three separate working styles and aims.

Adding an additional layer of complexity, all content for each international microsite needed to change depending on the user’s geographical location. The sub-brand, language, and local promotional calendar were unique to the user’s location and the Toads needed to create a diverse a solution that created value with Savers’ customers and left all the respective sub-brands with room to grow their web properties well into the future.

Ultimately, this solution utilized a multi-site module for the Value Village, Savers, and still-to-come international sites. Utilizing a single codebase for five total sites saved money and development time and left the internal marketing team empowered to manage all their content and event promotion from a single location.

At the onset of the project, the Savers team engaged the Toads for hosting and post-launch support. Continuous improvements are slated well into the future and the Toads are proud to be the hosting and development partners for the Savers’ international web ecosystem.

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