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To help Puppet Labs create a customizable, responsive website that granted users full control of page layout and content generation.


Interviewing internal stakeholders uncovered specific project needs and limitations in existing open source technology.


Metal Toad utilized the customizability of Drupal to create a custom module allowing for standalone content/device interaction.


Client enjoyed a one-of-a-kind custom responsive website that granted full control of device-specific content and user experience.

Puppet Labs approached the Toads with a unique request: internal stakeholders needed fully customizable layouts that allowed them to display completely different content on desktop than mobile devices. Traditionally, organizations wanted quite the opposite - a website that presented the same content on all devices in a digestible format while respecting the brand’s look and feel. This was a challenge for the Toads and the open source community alike.

The discovery process yielded more questions than answers; and an uncompromising vision of Puppet’s vision. This request was highly uncommon in the open source development world and this, along with a sincere desire to help, empowered the Toads to create the perfect solution.

Metal Toad’s solution was anything but simple and out-of-the-box. After settling on 30 custom layouts, Puppet reinforced the need for their content to be easily differentiated depending on the format in which it was to be consumed. The foundation was built on Panopoly, a Drupal distribution designed to be both a general foundation for site building as well as a base framework upon which to build other Drupal distributions. As powerful as Panopoly was, it was unable to fully meet Puppet’s requirements.

Enter Breakpoint Panels - a Toad-built Drupal module that, unlike traditional CSS hiding techniques, first checked device before loading content. Breakpoint Panels kept the content from even being requested and, therefore, ensured that each device was able to receive proprietary content based on the Puppet admin’s desires.

At the project’s conclusion, the Puppet Labs website leveraged the full power of Drupal, Panopoly, and a brand new custom module Breakpoint Panels to create the desired admin experience.

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