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Business opportunity: Complex, outdated process for delivering critical medical transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation is a critical function of Medicaid, by which members without access to transportation of their own can call on an NEMT provider for rides to and from regular, often necessary appointments. In the Portland metro area, Medicaid members were at the whim of an NEMT provider without the infrastructure and process to affordably and efficiently deliver its promises. Thousands of riders each month were either left without rides or given half-baked reasons for the provider’s consistent underperformance. The processes in place lacked the staffing and technology necessary to effectively handle calls, manage provider/driver relationships, and reschedule rides that had been rejected or, unfortunately, missed altogether. Wait times skyrocketed and member satisfaction plummeted to an all-time low.

Technology solution: Clean, scalable technology that addresses key business needs and serves Medicaid members well

When GridWorks was called upon to take the former provider’s place, priority was given to developing high-performing technology that would actually match the needs of the Portland metro NEMT industry. An efficiently designed, searchable member portal was created with the intention of being the backbone of a system that meets member needs in real-time and adjusts to the breaks and flow of daily ride traffic.

In addition to the member portal, Metal Toad stepped up to become one of GridWorks’ key technical and business advisors, assuming roles as technological specialists and high-level business consultants throughout GridWorks’ preparation and launch phases.

Impact: Safer, member-centered transportation and Agile-based development practices

As a result of GridWorks reshaping the Portland metro NEMT system, wait times, missed rides and no-shows are on the steady decline and member satisfaction is growing by the day. GridWorks’ system is leveraging practical, well-designed technology to enhance the member experience and create a culture of safety throughout the Portland metro area. Metal Toad helped GridWorks take a huge step toward their goal of achieving 98% member satisfaction, and continues to serve as a critical partner in the journey of disrupting and enhancing the NEMT industry at large.

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