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It’s exciting to be onsite during Awards Night to watch the traffic surge in real time—and we can manage any potential problems in the moment. The auto-scaling solution lets us maintain 100% uptime during the broadcast. 

—Director of Engineering, Metal Toad

Business Problem: A looming flood

The 2020 Golden Globes are approaching. The red carpet will unfurl, flashbulbs will pop...and millions of users will descend on a website that is equipped for everything the awards-season can send its way.

Back in 2015, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) knew the traffic surge could stretch their site’s capacity to the breaking point. They needed a solution that could handle the influx flawlessly and cost-effectively.  And they found one that has delivered flawlessly for the past five years in the AWS Cloud.

Technology solution: Super scalability

Metal Toad designed and built a cloud platform with incredible elasticity. In the 48 hours surrounding Award Night, successfully delivers over four million page requests with load time under a quarter of a second—with 100% uptime.  

The autoscaling infrastructure saves money, too. Instead of investing in server space they don’t need for most of the year, the HFPA can now scale up and down to meet traffic demands in real time, minimizing waste and increasing reliability.

Metal Toad also engineered a custom content management system (CMS) to keep users engaged after awards season had come and gone. The scalable, flexible, open-source CMS transformed the HFPA’s web presence into a dynamic year-round destination for entertainment content.

Impact: Big savings, better experience

The HFPA’s web presence has transformed from a simple informational site that experienced a traffic uptick a couple times a year into a destination resource for film and television industry content.

  • Cost savings: The cloud infrastructure can quickly scale from two to forty servers, so the HFPA pays only for the space they need, when they need it
  • Reliability: Our solution allows us to solve problems on the fly, even fixing problems onsite instantly during Awards Night—while maintaining 100% uptime
  • Engagement: Users enjoy a dynamic online experience—free from lags and errors—that keeps them coming back throughout the year

Metal Toad is proud to be the long-term technology partner, working closely with the HFPA to continue transforming their entire digital infrastructure.

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