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“Metal Toad has outperformed our every expectation along with keeping within our vigorous brand standards. Their professionalism and quality of work outshines other companies in the same league by leaps and bounds.”
— Jason Thompson, ABC Television Network

ABC Television had a problem: When the time came to sell its seasonal schedules to local affiliates, the sales team had to fumble with a book of DVDs (and whatever TV they could get their hands on) to demo the programming for potential and existing advertisers. After the sale was done, they were forced to use spreadsheets and file drives to record the order.

Simply, the entire sales process was behind the times.

Enterprise App Development

Executives at ABC knew that they did not to want to sign a multi-year contract with a vendor. They simply wanted the problem solved with an ongoing support relationship. Idea Asylum Productions had been a long-term trusted partner to ABC in delivery of preview content to affiliate stations and, when modernizing the effort with a tablet application, they hunted for a single vendor that offered mobile technologists, no licenses or upsells, and a lightweight support arrangement — enter Metal Toad.

After interviewing all key stakeholders — including the field sales team, sales engineers, affiliates, as well as the management team — Metal Toad created user stories tailored to each persona and brainstormed a solution that would satisfy all parties.

The result was an app that caches videos locally to be usable independent of an internet connection. Metal Toad also developed a browser-based counterpart that duplicates the look and feel of the app, but relies on streaming video for content delivery. In other words, any technological situation that a sales meeting could present, the ABC sales team would have access to all necessary sales tools.

Metal Toad employed a proprietary custom JavaScript framework and PhoneGap 1.9 with custom plug-ins. The development of a single codebase for both implementations takes advantage of the latest versions of RequireJS and OpenAJAX. The backend consists of modules and APIs that provide easily-managed content and data to both the native iPad app and browser-based streaming version.

In sum, ABC, Idea Asylum, and Metal Toad had revamped the entire sales process. ABC’s sales demo — shows and all — was readily accessible from any tablet. Additionally, the data gathered during the sales meeting, including the orders, would be sent to the digital sales hub in Burbank that offered real time analytics and integration with multiple ABC systems.

Design Partner:

Idea Asylum