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Excellence breeds perfection, and this Metal Toad team has been exceptional in the delivery of EXCELLENCE.

–Justin Johnson, Product Manager, Daimler Trucks North America

Business problem: The keys to efficiency were locked in the truck

Trucks produce an incredible amount of data. As a market leader in fleet management with a global reach, Daimler Trucks North American (DTNA) knew that data had incredible potential—if only they could harness it.

To unlock efficiency and maximize fleet performance, DTNA needed transparency into:

  • vehicle health and performance

  • fuel economy

  • driver scores and safety

  • vehicle trip details

Technology solution: Leading-edge telematics platform

Metal Toad built Detroit Connect’s telematics portal to revolutionize DTNA’s fleet management. The system harvests data directly from vehicles moving around the globe into a single easy-to-use portal. Advanced analytics give users insights to drive predictive maintenance, gain efficiencies, and rapidly innovate.

  • Users can spot vehicle faults during ongoing operation and deploy solutions quickly

  • Fuel economy data and trip details help users spot inefficiencies and improve performance

  • Interactive graphs enable fleets to quickly spot outliers and risks, then identify solutions before problems arise

  • A mobile app allows both managers and employees in the field to track performance

  • A notification system alerts users to issues immediately so they can optimize vehicle operation

Impact: Forward-thinking fleet management

DTNA has turned technology into a key differentiator in their fleet management. Detroit Connect gives DTNA a competitive advantage that helps fleets:

  • save money on fuel and vehicle repair

  • improve vehicle performance and trip efficiency

  • streamline management of 17,500 customer fleets


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