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How does the cloud mitigate business disruption?
The cloud can help mitigate business disruption in three key way: 1) Rapidly deployable, scalable tools, 2) 100% supportive of remote work, and 3) geographic distribution. LEARN MORE
How much does a Cloud Assessment cost?
Assessments generally cost $5,000 for small, medium size businesses or for enterprises within a departmental scope. A free consultation will help decide the best fit for your business.
How long do assessments take to complete?
Our assessments are rapid and focus on the primary ROI or problem areas. In most cases assessments can be completed in under two weeks, start to finish.
Are there any deliverables?
Yes. All of our assessments conclude with well a organized document with a list of action items that can be shared across your organization.
Can you help me with architecture and migration?
Yes. Our certified cloud engineers have architected environments to handle some of the toughest traffic patterns out there (the Emmys, Golden Globes, etc.). We can help you with the implementation of your business disruption mitigation plan too!
Will you make specific recommendations on cloud tools that can replace legacy systems?
Yes. With over 270+ products and services sorting out the available tools can be some of the most challenging part.
By working with Metal Toad you are tapping into years of AWS experience that gets beyond marketing material so we can help you decide what to implement.
Why AWS?
We have worked with all the major cloud providers and found that in most cases AWS makes the most sense. Feel free to reach out or read more if you are still considering how to pick the right cloud provider.
How good is your security?
In addition to rigorous technical standards, all of our employees are subject to background checks and bound by non-disclosure agreements. In over 15 years we have never been a party to a breach of customer data. Our history notwhistanding, we also carry insurance that meets the legal and IT standards of some of the largest, most high profile companies on the planet.

Why partner with us?

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AWS Expertise

We build the most valuable, safest solutions for our customers. That’s why we stand behind AWS and their 120+ products, rapid cloud innovation, and track record of high performance.

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Proven Track Record of Success

Metal Toad is the trusted entertainment-industry partner for reliable cloud solutions. With an LA office and on-shore engineers we work side by side to deliver a premium experience.

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True Partnership = Lower Risk

Your business interests are our top priority. We’ll always recommend the best solution for you, even if we lose an opportunity in the short term. We proudly believe that our commitment to long-term partnership over quick profits makes us the lowest risk option in the industry.

AWS + Metal Toad: Better Together

AWS is powerful, but can be difficult to harness on your own. We make leveraging it's powerful cloud easy by filling in the gaps:

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240+ cloud products & services
Cloud architecture
Migration support
Disaster recovery planning on & support
3rd party 24/7 monitoring
24/7/365 technical support
OS & Application support

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