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How to make a range selector filter in Views

Messing with your exposed filters for fun and profit.

Ah, to get the request from a client that just cannot be done via stock Views; they are rare but so choice indeed. This episode of Hacking Views will feature our latest request, making a select box with a range of values where all you have is a CCK number/float.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
February 15, 2011

Deadline for Google Code-In quickly approaching!

Quick summary for those out of the loop about GCI: We define bite-sized programming tasks, Google comes in and finds people who want to do them, we mentor them and get new participating members in the community.

Friday is the first deadline for GCI, it is the day where we decide as a community whether there is enough interest to continue. Right now we are seriously lacking. If you're interested in getting some more people to help out with D8, if you're feeling a little burned out please take 10 minutes and write up an idea or just comment on someone else's idea and offer to help mentor. 10 minutes and D8 will have a whole new crop of skills friends to help out.

Webchick's post about GCI:
Place to propose tasks or get involved:

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
October 27, 2010

Playing Drupal the card game the Drupal way

Now that NodeOne is running out of Drupal the Card Game I feel like it's time to introduce my version of the game rules which I believe are actually significantly more Drupaly than the main rules.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
September 20, 2010

What's in a framework, experiences from Rails and Drupal

I've now been working professionally in Drupal for a year and have learned a lot about it; I have some patches into contrib but I've not really done much with core other than some simpletests I was too shy to commit at Drupalcon and some comments trying to help people out on d.o. Prior to my stint as Drupal programmer I was a hardcore Ruby on Rails developer for about 4 years. Over the last two years in particular I've learned a lot about frameworks and I'd like to share an observation about which framework feels right to me for which situations and why.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
August 31, 2010

Nesting Views like a Mecha-Eagle

As you have probably figured out, I love views. I love teasing out little features that are completely buried and obscure. Nesting Views is one of my favorite new travesties; not sure if it's ready for Drupal for Evil, but it's certainly not kosher.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
August 25, 2010

Making your clients love Drupal's menu system as much as I love candy

NOTE: Apologies for the gap, I said I would post on Monday but well, I decided to get married instead. So there.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
August 24, 2010

Do your clients send you presents? If not, maybe we can figure it out together, lets talk about D7UX.

Do your clients love you with such a furious passion that it borders on problematic? Do you find new customers calling you and saying things like, "I must have your services! My friend has been bugging me all week to call you. Seriously, I just want him to stop camping out on my lawn. It's scaring the children."

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
July 23, 2010

Drupal snippets #1 (Views exposed filters, F5 tweaks)

While I'm certain that I could never work up to the standards of Peter Cooper his "Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don't Need Separate Posts" series was a great help to me when I was a ruby developer. You can see the original here: IRTTDNSP #1. I've not found similar for the Drupal community but I believe a lot of the things I do during the week are interesting but not at all worthy of a complete post of their own.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
July 9, 2010

Drupal benchmark results using AB and the simple things we did to get here

I was trolling around the Internet today looking for drupal hosting benchmarks and I actually had a little trouble finding something current. Dries has one comparing D6 on PHP4 vs D6 on PHP5 but that was clearly ages ago. I also realize that this is going to be out of style in about 12 minutes, will probably be fraught with contention, and generally mocked by everyone; but in the interest of those few souls out there that really actually just want to know what is reasonable to expect from production hardware under some load I want to post these stats anyways.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
June 4, 2010

Using git-svn to manage standard and non-standard branches

When Webchick announced that Drupal was moving to Git at Drupalcon 2010, our office erupted in pleasure at the news. Lots of great Drupalists are already using Git and there's even an unofficial Github branch of Drupal for your branching and stashing pleasure Github mirror. However, Metal Toad Media has been an SVN shop for a long time we still have a lot of processes that use SVN, so we elected unanimously to do a gradual rollout: new sites get a private repo on Github, old sites just use git-svn.

By Chuck Vose, Web Developer
May 6, 2010

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