Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO or is it Ultimate PTO?

What was the impetus that made us consider unlimited PTO?

For me it is simple. We trust employees with our brand and our clients — why treat PTO any differently? At Metal Toad we hire adults and treat them like adults. We have been offering unlimited PTO for three years now with great results and really no issues. On the other hand, we have saved thousand of dollars, time, and headaches not administering a PTO policy.

And in order for Metal Toad to provide the most value and best experience to our clients, our employees cannot be overworked or stretched too thin. Everyone needs a break now and then because a happy rested employee is a productive employee.

We also want our employees to be well-rounded individuals — if a vacation abroad will provide someone with a valuable experience that they can incorporate in their work, then that’s a win-win for everyone. Of course, there needs to be a balance, but we have never had a problem with an employee taking too much PTO.

Not to mention our ethical approach to doing business includes everyone — not just clients. Our employees deserve to be treated with respect. Employees want autonomy, and unlimited PTO gives them just that. It also allows them to tailor their PTO to fit their needs, providing more options and less bureaucratic barriers to navigate.

With unlimited PTO, people only take the time off that they need, not the arbitrary number of days allotted to them annually by the company. This maximizes the company’s and employee’s resources, leading to the ultimate productive environment.

And when it comes down to it, that’s the most you could ask for at a company that relies on the sum of its parts for success.

If you're thinking about making a change, CEO of MammothHR Nathan Christensen wrote an outstanding piece with five tips when considering unlimited PTO, We Offered Unlimited Vacation For One Year. Here’s What We Learned.

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