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Metal Toad Hosts Women Who Hack

Fourteen women hacking in all different languages at the September Women Who Hack

With our recent remodel complete and the dust cleared, it was time for Metal Toad to host our first event.

On Sunday, we welcomed Women Who Hack, a monthly gathering "for women who want to hack on projects with or around other women. All types of projects (software and hardware), languages, platforms and experience levels are welcome."

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
October 2, 2012

Quick Tip: Dive Into Drupal Objects with Search Krumo

If you've done any signifigant development with Drupal, you're probably (deeply) familiar with a little function called dpm(). I think it stands for Drupal Print Message. If you aren't familiar, dpm() is available through the Devel module and it's a great tool to dive into any Drupal code you might be working with. You can examine available variables, the node object, etc. It even prints out in a nice compact bundle in the 'Messages' area.

Example of dpm() run on a node

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
September 13, 2012

Quick Tip: Clean Up Your Drupal Modules Folder

Let's say you inherit a Drupal site and the modules folder looks like this:

Dirty modules folder

And being an organized dev, you'd rather it look like this:

A nice organized modules folder

So you create a 'contrib', 'custom' and maybe a 'features' folder for good measure and move everything around.

Then your site blows up and starts giving you errors all over the place.

What happened?

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
August 30, 2012

Quick Tip: Stop ZSH Shell Auto-Correct from Driving You Crazy

I switched my Unix shell to zsh a few months ago and overall I love it. But sometimes the autocorrect can be a little *too* helpful.

After the latest upgrade I started getting this every time I typed 'git status':

zsh: correct 'status' to 'stats' [nyae]?

Um no. No thanks I said. Not today. WILL YOU QUIT ASKING ME THAT!?!?

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
August 20, 2012

Creating a Custom Panels Layout in Drupal 7 (Video Tutorial)

There are a lot of great tutorials on the web and, as Chris pointed out, Drupal is a pretty developer friendly platform. With some chutzpah and the power of Google, you can build just about anything in Drupal.

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
July 31, 2012

Custom Sort Drupal Content with the Draggable Views Module

In the world of sorting, sometimes 'newest first' or 'oldest first' just doesn't cut it. During a recent Drupal project, we had a client who wanted to be able to control the order of their marquee images in random ways via a drag and drop interface.

Enter the Draggable Views module. In about thirty minutes, I was able to set up custom drag and drop functionality for several content types on their site. Let's dive in and I'll show you how it's done. If you prefer a video tutorial, skip to the end of this post.

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
February 16, 2012

Using Drupal Contextual Filters in Views

It can take a while when you're new, but once you start to wrap your head around Views, that is when Drupal gets really fun. In this tutorial, I'll go over how to use Contextual Filters in Views to alter your content dynamically based on information in the URL. If you're a visual learner, you can skip to the video at the end of this post for a detailed walk through of the process.

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
February 2, 2012

Drupal From Scratch: New Site Checklist

  • Set the Admin theme
    • Seven comes installed with Drupal 7
    • Rubrik is nice but has one bug that doesn’t show view replacement patterns
  • Set the site email address to your preferred administration email
    • admin/config/system/site-information
  • Before Creating any content (fake or otherwise)
    • Create content types
      • !!! Warning: once content has been entered, content types cannot be changed without damaging data
    • Turn on and configure path aliases with pathauto module
By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
November 2, 2011

Avoid Potholes When Deploying Drupal Sites to Media Temple Virtual Private Servers

I recently had occasion to set up a new Drupal site on a dedicated virtual private server on Media Temple (dv 4.0). Everything was going swimmingly until I deployed the site and tried to reach it via the IP address.

The result was the install.php page, even though my settings file was uploaded and had the correct settings for the database.

To make matters more frustrating, the log files were not located in the standard place (/var/log/httpd/

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
November 1, 2011

PNW Drupal Summit Session: Javascript Workshop

I need a session on how to choose which session to go to. So much great information and so little time. I started out in a different session but had to pop in for the last half of this Javascript session led by Katherine Senzee, a Senior Engineer at Acquia.

Here are a few brief take-aways from the session:

By Kronda Adair, Developer & Client Experience Advocate
October 17, 2011

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