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Metal Toad Mentorship Saturdays

Metal Toad Mentorship Saturdays are a place for people of all skill levels and development disciplines to get help and advice on their careers and projects.

It was born out of Metal Toad University where I taught a 12 week course teaching the very basics of development. My motivation back then - and today - was simply to help others start or progress in the field of web development. It evolved from the class to this group. I find that the individual attention I'm able to give to each participant to be much more helpful than the classes were. 

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
December 2, 2014

DrupalCon 2014 Call for Sessions!

It's that time again! DrupalCon is right around the corner and it's time to submit your talk. The theme this year is Drupal 8 and that means that we'll be covering things like Symphony, Twig, and the other new components that make up Drupal 8. Do you have a talk about how to use the new templating system? Want to share how OOP works in Drupal 8? Submit your session now! See you in Austin!

The call for content ends March 7th at 11:59PM Austin local time (UTC -6).

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
February 26, 2014

Metal Toad Game Night

Come join your fellow Drupalers at Metal Toad Media for a night of competition and camaraderie. We will provide beverages, pizza, and games. Please let us know you're coming by doing the Eventbrite process, but don't sweat it if it's sold out or you forget. The tickets will only be used to gauge the pizza requirements. Visit http://beer.metaltoad.com to see what's on tap. If you have a game you want to bring or one you thing we should have, let us know.


By Dan Linn, Director of Development
July 15, 2013

Metal Toad University #10: Real Time Word Press

In this episode our intrepid adventurers embarked on a quest to install WordPress. I have to admit, this was quite easy and didn't take nearly as long I expected it would. Since I was also new to WordPress, we explored together. We went through the process of downloading and installing it, setting up the database, and selecting a theme. Along the way we talk about other concepts as they come up like using Lorem Ipsum placeholder text, using rsync to transfer files, and using command line MySQL.

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
April 1, 2013

Metal Toad University #9: Going Live

This week we took our site live, but before we did that one of our students Lewis Notestine had created a new theme for our site: Space! We used Git version control to merge his changes into ours, then made a few modifications to the triggers and our new theme was in place.

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
March 28, 2013

Metal Toad University #8: The Wolf Theme

This session had us finding new images to create a new theme for our site. Once our new wolf images and patterns were created and exported, we went about with the theming. I added one class to the HMTL: wolf. Then we found the styles that were specifying images and copied them to a new location in our CSS and prefixed them with the wolf class. That made this:

h2:before {
content: ".";
background: url(../img/skull.png);
width: 52px;
position: absolute;
left: 0px;
height: 82px;
font-size: 0px;

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
February 27, 2013

Metal Toad University #7: First Site Done!

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Our 8th class was all about finishing the one page scrolling web page that we started on a few classes back. We had a some more styling to do and that wasn't surprising because most of the work on a simple web page is styling.

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
February 21, 2013

Metal Toad University #6: Gets Spooky

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By Dan Linn, Director of Development
February 7, 2013

Metal Toad University #5: The Gathering

OMG, no video! For shame! We had some technical difficulties (read: Dan was a doofus), so there was no audio on the video. So while you could watch it, it probably wouldn't be that helpful. Sorry!

But here's what we did:

This class was where we finally started putting everything together to work on an actual site: Beek and Brooke's Bloody Bash. This is my annual Halloween party and an easy target for a fun little demo site.

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
January 31, 2013

Metal Toad University - Class #4: JavaScript!

Want to catch up with Metal Toad University? Go through the previous classes here!

The fourth class we held was an intro to JavaScript (JS), guest hosted by Robbie Ferrero.

Robbie gave us a great presentation on what JS is and how to use it. We covered the basics like what a variable is and what a function is. At the end, I demoed a small piece of code that I wrote during that class. It allowed me to demonstrate some JS in action.

By Dan Linn, Director of Development
January 23, 2013

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