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React in Detail: Elements, Components, and HOCs

At Metal Toad, I’m part of a team of developers who often work on code together. Whether it’s pairing with one other person or mobbing as a larger group, teamwork is an important way we help each other and provide the best value to our customers. And teamwork requires communication.

By J.D. Sandifer, JavaScript Engineer
October 11, 2019

My Programming Journey

At some point after I learned to read, but before middle school, I took an interest in computers and used my dad's IBM PC to learn BASIC, a programming language designed to be simple. It had a good name, right? I started trying things out on my own but soon teamed up with my best friend from across the street. We made simple computer programs in BASIC and then C++ and eventually in Java - the newest language at the time. Through that early experimentation, I learned the ins and outs of logical procedures, debugging code with cryptic errors, and how to communicate ideas about how a program should function and how it could look.
By J.D. Sandifer, JavaScript Engineer
September 18, 2019

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