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Blacks in Tech:Initial Thoughts/Review

Blacks in Tech is a group that helps cultivate a community amongst African Americans within the Tech space as well bring about important conversations on diversity and inclusivity in the Tech industry. I had the opportunity to attend a lecture and open discussion about “Branding in the New World”. It was given by CJ Johnson Jr. an award-winning Brand Consultant, Influencer, and Creator of Project: Ignite. During his discussion he dived into the trends and direction that branding and marketing are taking in this day and age.

By Shaquille Sumner, Tech Community Outreach Coordinator
November 25, 2019

kaAIDG Monthly Meeting- Initial Thoughts and Review

KaAIDG (Kick A** AI Developers Group) is a group for AI enthusiasts and practitioners. Once every month on Friday KaAIDG hosts an open discussion and topic on AI. The topic of choice this Fridays was “ Homotopy Type Theory & Category Theory applied to ML & Backpropagation”.For someone like myself who is a novice ,this topic can seem quite head scratching and scary ,but the hosts of this group are excellent at presenting the topic while answering any questions you have along the way. In this setting you will find yourself surrounded by tech newbies and veterans.

By Shaquille Sumner, Tech Community Outreach Coordinator
October 14, 2019

Null Space Labs Tuesday Open Meeting & Game Night - Initial Thoughts/Review

Null Space Labs hosts an open meeting and game night every Tuesday. Participants are given the opportunity to use equipment, collaborate on projects and network with fellow members and participants. The majority of participants are those interested in cybersecurity, computer hardware and product design. I was hoping this event would have a little more structure and collective participation. Going forward I believe this is a space for more seasoned tech individuals who want to work on projects, expand their networks and learn deeper practices in security.

By Shaquille Sumner, Tech Community Outreach Coordinator
October 1, 2019

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