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The Value of a ScrumMaster

I went to ScrumMaster training a few weeks into my first job in an Agile project management environment. I was brand new to the methodology, and throughout the training and after, I didn't really understand the value of the ScrumMaster. “What an easy gig,” I thought. Even a year into practicing the methodology (as a member of the team, not the ScrumMaster) this was my understanding of the responsibilities:

  • Calendar: Schedule and start the Scrum ceremonies, and make sure everyone is attending and participating.

By Tami Geiger, Project Manager
July 17, 2017

Launching Meyer Memorial Trust in Drupal 8

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Meyer Memorial Trust site! Built in Drupal 8, the site demonstrates a true local collaboration between Meyer Memorial Trust, design partner Smith & Connors and Metal Toad.

By Tami Geiger, Project Manager
November 21, 2016

Notes: An Agile Project Manager’s Critical Asset

The Livesaving Nature of Notes

The software industry’s shift to Agile project management methodologies has many of us happily burying the waterfall project artifacts – the 13 required management plans, comprehensive work breakdown structure (with dictionary) and predefined schedule have all lost favor as useless overhead. The Agile Manifesto explicitly values working products and responding to change over comprehensive documentation and following a plan.

By Tami Geiger, Project Manager
July 15, 2016

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