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How To Be a Rebel at Work

I saw the What Rebels Want illustration make its way across Twitter recently, and it immediately resonated with me. This illustration perfectly captures how I feel and how I work, and what I strive for in my roles. It’s what I want every company, every manager that I work for to understand about me.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
June 7, 2018

How Static Code Analysis Taught Me About Change Management

Recently, I helped spearhead our department’s adoption of centralized static code analysis. I worked with one of our mobile engineers to research various tools and create a decision matrix for comparing options. I’ve introduced new tools to my team before, but this was my first time selecting a tool that would be rolled out and used by my entire engineering department. It was also our department’s first time trying centralized static code analysis.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
May 21, 2018

DevOps QA: The Many Hats of a Quality Assurance Engineer

Note: This is the second post in a series about the different roles I end up carrying out as a Quality Assurance Engineer. You can check out the first post here, where I talk about wearing my Tester hat!

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
April 6, 2018

The Many Hats of Quality Assurance Engineers: Tester

Quality Assurance Engineer is a broad term that can cover a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. It can refer to a more specialized role, like Automation Engineer or Technical Support. It might be used to describe someone responsible for DevOps practices, or the person in charge of Scrum Master duties and feature testing.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
April 5, 2018

BackstopJS Part Deux: Javascript Config and Makefile

I’ve written previously about my setup for BackstopJS (which I’m still excited to say is the creator-recommended tutorial for V2 of the package!). Since that article, I’ve switched from JSON to Javascript configuration, and added a Makefile as the main method of running visual regression tests with BackstopJS.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
September 11, 2017

Using Serverless Config to Deploy an AWS CloudWatch Dashboard

Getting Started with Documentation

My team’s most recent project has been really interesting - it’s a JavaScript project that includes using the Serverless Framework to deploy a variety of AWS Lambda Functions (e.g. uploading to S3 buckets and making requests to the API that we built). Part of my responsibility as QA Engineer was to set up a CloudWatch dashboard in AWS. Dashboards can be created manually in the CloudWatch service, but I wanted to create the dashboards through code deploys.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
August 26, 2017

DevOpsDays PDX

Last week, I attended my first DevOpsDays PDX! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it seemed like a cool conference - DevOps obviously intersects with QA work, and my interest has been peaked by articles I’ve read from the likes of New Relic, Julia Evans, and Etsy.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
August 10, 2017


I just attended Monitorama 2017 in Portland, and I wanted to talk about my experience! I think it’s useful for me as a brain-dump and reflection about what I took away from the talks, but it’s also nice for other people to have some more insight into what the conference is about. 

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
May 26, 2017


At Metal Toad, where self-organizing and self-managing teams are encouraged (and even preferred), there is a lot of room and trust for individuals to make change. Because of this empowerment, I’ve had the privilege to try out and implement changes. Not all of my attempts have been successful, and some have benefitted from iteration, but it’s pretty cool to know that the opportunity to affect change is something that’s offered and supported here.

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
May 17, 2017

We Are Toads

We are Toads

We play Foosball and Towerfall

We are Spies and Resistance

We are parents and partners

We are he and she and they

We are bootcamp graduates and hold CS degrees

We are drinkers of coffee and kombucha, LaCroix and IPAs

By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer
November 15, 2016

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