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Creating a Twitter ticker with a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is great if you want a dedicated device for a task that you can turn on, get it to do its thing and leave it alone. Recently, I wanted to set up a little LCD screen that would continuously print out the latest tweets from a particular account. With a few components and some Python libraries, it was easy to put together something that I could just plug in and leave running. Here's how you can did it too - if you just want the final code, get it here.

By Toby Craig, Software Architect
November 28, 2017

IoT Hackathon - Coffeebot with Raspberry Pi

For our latest Hackathon, with the theme being the Internet of things (IoT), my team and I wanted to create a device that would encourage people in the office to keep the coffee pots full of life-giving nectar. Often the pots don't get refilled when someone takes the last cup of coffee, so we decided to gamify the process. The basic idea was to award points to people when they made fresh pots of coffee, and whoever made the most coffee each week would get a shoutout at the company all-hands meeting.

By Toby Craig, Software Architect
July 10, 2017

Writing a haiku-detecting bot for Slack

At Metal Toad, we have several bots integrated into Slack. Some are more useful (TicketBot, which detects mentions of JIRA tickets and provides links) and some are more whimsical (plusplus, which lets everyone give their coworkers points for whatever reason). I wanted to get in on this, so I decided to add to the latter category and write a bot that would detect when someone inadvertently wrote a haiku. Here's how I did it; maybe it will inspire you to write something too.

By Toby Craig, Software Architect
September 22, 2016

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