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A Case for Agency Project Managers to Get Their PMP

Consider your credentials

Depending on your industry, you may or may not be aware of the Project Management Institute (PMI) or their Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. Working in the software agency space, it wasn’t particularly on my radar either. ScrumMaster certification sure, but nothing quite so broad and traditional as a PMP. Like many project managers/producers in the tech industry, I just didn’t consider that the kinds of certifications PMs get in big companies had anything to do with my job.

By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
November 18, 2016

Evolving With Our Clients: The Great Scrumban Experiment


Identifying the need for change

In early 2016, Metal Toad fully adopted Agile Scrum methodology. We'd been dabbling in it for a while, coopting some of the ceremonies but lacking any real consistency or a well-defined process. That served us well enough for a few years, but in a growth organization committed to maturing both our processes and our client relationships, it just wasn't enough. We understood that a change needed to occur, and as Metal Toad is want to do, we jumped in with both feet.

By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
September 29, 2016

Science is Beautiful: The New

Metal Toad has the distinct pleasure of working with some truly great clients representing a diverse array of industries. But for the self-professed geeks that operate in our little slice of Portland, there's something a little extra special about a client whose mission is furthering the biological sciences: namely, Schrödinger. When they came to us looking for a partner to build their brand new site, we were equal parts honored and enthusiastic.

By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
July 13, 2016 Reborn

Metal Toad has been blessed to work with some of the best design partners in the industry, not the least of which is Ziba. Anyone familiar with Ziba knows that they’re a creative juggernaut that brings innovation and beauty to everything they touch. We’ve enjoyed a trusted partnership with Ziba for a long time, so when it came to rebuilding, Metal Toad was on the case.

By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
June 23, 2016

The Softer Side of Scrum

Many of the folks reading this blog are already familiar with Agile Software Development (a.k.a. Agile). Maybe your organization already uses Agile methodology, or maybe you’re considering adopting one of its many variations into your company’s workflow.

By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
April 15, 2016

A Place for Ideas

When people think of Metal Toad, they immediately think of technology thought leadership and a strong devotion to education and outreach. That reputation is undeniably true, but what most people might not realize, however, is that Metal Toad is a place for ideas.

By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
October 14, 2015

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