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Improved Lazy Loading for mobile devices (iPhone, Android) with Lazy Load 1.7

The latest version of the jQuery Lazy Load plugin (released Jan 29th, 2012) included the ability to customize your data attribute parameter. This is a pretty helpful update; I realized it could be used to set multiple source images for the same node. Here's how you can use it to optimize images, cutting down on data transfer for mobile devices.

By Erin Seale, Web Developer
February 14, 2012

WordPress Tutorial : A unique dynamic sidebar for each page - or not!

The last few websites I've built have had sidebars that the client *may* or *may not* need to customize on every page. Some pages don't require a unique sidebar, some do. The client should have the option of a cascading sidebar.

By Erin Seale, Web Developer
January 13, 2012

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