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Revisiting First Mover (Dis)Advantage

In 2001, the Harvard Business Review published “First Mover Disadvantage” by William Boulding and Markus Christen. They made the case against what was traditionally seen as one of the greatest aspects of competitive advantage….and I loved it.

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
March 28, 2016

How a Toad Writes a Blog Post

“Don't procrastinate. If you want to blog, then blog.”     - Fritz Chery

Why Do the Toads Blog?

Blogging is a cornerstone of Metal Toad culture. Historically, our blog has driven a huge amount of our overall web traffic and has given Toads the opportunity to engage both international development/project management and our local community.

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
March 11, 2016

Metal Toad Dreams Big

Metal Toad's nomination for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's DREAM BIG award has been a rush of blood to our collective head. 

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
March 1, 2016

Brand Strategy Planning Tips for a New Year

3 Fundamental Underpinnings for Successful Brand Planning

The year of our Lord Vader 2016 is nearly upon us. As marketers, we’ve begun to wrap up our expense forecasting, industry audits, departmental expansion plans, and our Star Wars marathons in preparation for Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
November 10, 2015

Flying Toads!

For the second straight year, Toads filled the Oregon skies. Not like in P.T. Anderson’s award-winning film Magnolia, but more like tiny dots of bravery speckled throughout the horizon. Luckily, due to an internal design wizard, we had matching shirts to celebrate the occasion and, for their part, to illustrate what our presence in the sky might look like to grounded onlookers:

Flying Toads T-Shirt Design

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
August 17, 2015

B2B Communication. By Writing on Windows. With Markers.

“At Metal Toad, we do things differently.”

For instance, when moving into the 4th floor of downtown Portland’s historic Yeon Building, Metal Toad moved in with a bang. An aggressive outbound window writing campaign headed up by Dan Linn resulted in a few games of hangman, holiday greetings, and even an expertly drawn Portland Trailblazers logo. The Toads left no south-facing pane uncolored!

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
December 16, 2014

The Toads Know How to Throw a Party

On December 4th, 2014, the Toads hosted an Open House to celebrate our recent move into the fourth floor of the historic Yeon Building in downtown Portland. Clients, partners, neighbors, and the Greater Portland technology community as a whole were greeted with open arms - as well as fresh flowers from the Hardcore Florist and live music from the Key of Dreams.

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
December 11, 2014

A Retrospective: The Metal Toad Summer Picnic

On September 12th, 2014, Metal Toad overtook downtown Portland. Well, maybe not “took over,” but the sentiment was there. The Summer Toad Picnic offers an opportunity for Toads to bring their families into their work circle, furthering the important interweaving role of our social functions.

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
November 25, 2014

The Toads Have Leapt!

After three wonderful years at our previous office, Metal Toad has outgrown our lilypad.

By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
November 14, 2014

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