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A Note About UICollectionView with Negative Margins

When you’re making a basic, edge-to-edge UICollectionView in interface builder, Xcode has a habit of describing it using negative margins. In most scenarios, this would be fine, but the internal mechanisms Apple uses for caculating a UICollectionViewFlowLayout falls apart when presented with negative margins.

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
October 14, 2015

iOS: A Quick Script to Retain Your Sanity With CoreSimulator Folders (Updated for Xcode 7).

Previously, we published a script to work around the opaque iOS Simulator folder structure on Xcode 6. With the recent release of Xcode 7, the naming structure changed a bit, so we've updated the script below:

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
September 21, 2015

Metal Toad Goes to San Francisco (Part 1)

This past week, a couple of us at Metal Toad traveled down to San Francisco for WWDC and AltConf. There were a ton of great sessions and presentations throughout the week, and we’d like to share the best of the best with you.

The videos directly from Apple are already available, the videos from AltConf aren’t yet, but we’ll post part 2 when they become available.

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
June 13, 2015

iOS: A Quick Script to Retain Your Sanity With CoreSimulator Folders.

Note: This is outdated. See our update for Xcode 7

When Xcode 6 was released this past fall, Apple switched from a relatively sane folder structure to a completely opaque GUID based structure. For debugging purposes, it’s often nice to be able to browse your app’s file structure in the simulator without resorting to NSLogging a device ID.

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
April 27, 2015

Integrating Faux Pas into your iOS Continuous Integration Workflow

Faux Pas is a OS X app that analyzes your source code for possible bugs and stylistic issues (among many, many other things). It also has a nifty command line tool that we wanted to integrate into our continuous integration process. Here's how we made it happen.

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
February 28, 2015

Continuous Delivery for Enterprise on iOS

In part two (part one) of a series on iOS automation, we'll discuss continuous deployment. Thankfully, due to wonderful tools like Hockey, it’s never been easier. In this post, we’ll go over installing the native Hockey app on your server, configuring its associated command line utility, and setting up a post-build trigger that will automatically upload your XcodeBots build and release it on Hockey.

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
January 23, 2015

Running a Persistant Node.js Server on an Arduino Yún

We recently had occasion to set up a Node.js web server on an Arduino Yún. It's a bit more complicated than we thought when we set out, so it seemed useful to share the process. To accomplish this, we need to update the system image, expand the device storage, install node, and launch our server. You'll need a couple things:

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
January 15, 2015

iOS Continous Integration for Enterprise

Updated Oct 19, 2015: Added updates for OS X El Capitan. Updates highlighted in yellow.

Updated Jan 23, 2015: this post is part of a series on iOS Continuous Integration.

By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer
December 30, 2014

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