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Four Pillars of Leadership

Over the years I’ve been asked on many occasions, what is leadership? Having the privilege of working with John Alderson and building upon his lessons has fine-tuned what I believe are the Four Pillars of Leadership that are needed for successfully leading any company or organization (small or large) in any field. It could be video stores, social workers, rock musicians, or developers — I’ve worked with them all.

By Tim Winner, COO
June 20, 2017

Unlimited PTO or is it Ultimate PTO?

What was the impetus that made us consider unlimited PTO?

For me it is simple. We trust employees with our brand and our clients — why treat PTO any differently? At Metal Toad we hire adults and treat them like adults. We have been offering unlimited PTO for three years now with great results and really no issues. On the other hand, we have saved thousand of dollars, time, and headaches not administering a PTO policy.

By Tim Winner, COO
May 16, 2017

The Currency of Culture

At the end of the day we need to operate viable businesses, and we all know there are many ways to get there. So much is said about culture and its impact on an overall business that many are wondering if they should care or invest in culture? What is the ROI? What is the currency of culture? It is performance. Culture contributes to the overall success of a business. 

By Tim Winner, COO
September 15, 2016

Burn all the Foosball Tables

A colleague of mine attended a marketing seminar. One of the speakers, a Senior Executive, made the comment that she would not do business with a vendor that had a foosball table in their offices. My colleague suggested that we think about moving our foosball table.  On the contrary, her comments made me want to move it to the front lobby. 

By Tim Winner, COO
May 25, 2016

Giving Back

We recently announced our first charitable partner at Metal Toad. The Toads had been asking... How can we get involved? How can we help our community? Metal Toad has been very blessed with success as a company, and now, it’s time to give back.

When we began discussing what we could do, we looked at the needs in the community. Not wanting to shy away from tough issues, while also wanting to have the biggest impact, we learned about an outstanding program that is tackling one of the toughest issues that faces our community — Domestic Violence.  

By Tim Winner, COO
September 8, 2015

Metal Toad Among Oregon's Best Workplaces

It is with great humility that I serve as Metal Toad spokesman in a very proud moment.

Oregon Business magazine has acknowledged Metal Toad as one of the 2015 Top Companies to Work for in Oregon.

By Tim Winner, COO
January 28, 2015

Money Can't Buy You Culture

Recently, I have been asked questions about Metal Toad’s culture.  People want me to explain what our culture is, how we got it and, for that matter, how we keep it? It is amazing to me that after explaining our culture how it resonates with so many, others do not feel they have a culture and/or that somehow, the one they have is broken and needs to be fixed.

By Tim Winner, COO
November 22, 2014

What I Learned Having Lunch with My First Grader

My wife and I decided because Lucas worked so hard on his fall school play "The Garden Show" in which Lucas played the Alien Grandfather, we would take lunch to him at school. What we did not expect is that we would be having lunch with the whole class. OK so we knew that they would be there, however we did not know we would be recruited to help manage lunch time! Not by the staff, but by the children.

By Tim Winner, COO
April 18, 2014

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