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Upgrading Drupal Media module to 7.x-2.x

I recently spent some time fighting against the Drupal Media and File Entity modules in order to upgrade them from version 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x. (To be specific, Media was upgraded from 7.x-1.4 to 7.x-2.0-beta1, and File Entity to 7.x-2.0-beta2). Through this post, I will share with you my trials and tribulations, with the hope that one day no one else will endure the pain and suffering that I have endured.

By Ben Teegarden, Developer
April 22, 2016

10 Months as a Junior Developer

I am now within a couple days of having survived as a Junior Developer at Metal Toad for 10 whole months. To celebrate, I considered starting my first blog post with a well worn cliché about the passing of time and the having of fun. Fortunately I hold my literary career to a much higher standard. However in all honesty, if I had stooped to such a pathetic low, it would have been a completely accurate description of my time here. It has been an incredibly fun experience working at Metal Toad and I can't believe I've been here for so long.

By Ben Teegarden, Developer
September 5, 2014

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