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How Metal Toad Keeps Our Promises

So if you didn’t know, Metal Toad has been growing a Managed Services hosting business. We offer our clients enterprise level hosting, ranging from single server all-in-one LAMP, up to fully-customized Custom Clouds with clusters of Varnish, Apache and Memcache servers, hot-failover DBs, and multi-region HA. Despite a wide range in complexity (and cost), we promise all our clients the same things; low downtime, fast response times, and access to Metal Toad’s depth of knowledge.

By Tyler Ward, Cloud Engineer + Office Cicerone
June 19, 2015

AWS Cross-Account Roles and Consolidated Billing

Amazon Web Service recently introduced support for cross-account roles. What this now means, is that you can use one IAM account to access multiple AWS accounts. For the Metal Toad Managed Services team, this means less logins to keep track of, resulting in higher security for our Custom Cloud clients, as well as a great level of convenience for our Cloud Engineers when they need to switch to the AWS Console for a different client.

By Tyler Ward, Cloud Engineer + Office Cicerone
January 9, 2015

Reliably Monitoring MySQL Replication

Replication is a wonderful thing for your clients. Having a 'hot spare' of their database(s) for redundancy, or being able to off-load read operations from the main database to increase performance, giving your client peace-of-mind about their data and application. I won't go into setting up MySQL Replication; there are more than a few guides on that already out there (here's the official documentation).

By Tyler Ward, Cloud Engineer + Office Cicerone
January 31, 2014

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