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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012

What an awesome year! Even though we are almost a month into 2013 I still can’t help but look back at 2012 and at all the great content that came out. If you are the nostalgic type (or the busy type and just missed them the first time around), let’s go through our Top 5 blog posts of 2012:

By Robert Haydon, Marketing Strategist
January 24, 2013

Using Twitter Effectively

You may have noticed Metal Toad has been expanding our scope when it comes to blog content – namely a lot of interviews, event coverage, and (soon) a podcast. Because Metal Toad is active in the Portland tech commuity, and because we believe so much in open source software and web standards, we think it is important to try and capture and share as much of the knowledge that is floating out there as we can.

By Robert Haydon, Marketing Strategist
June 11, 2012

WebVisions PDX Interview Series 2012

The WebVisions Conference came through Portland last week - and Metal Toad was there to capture as many interviews as we could. WebVisions is a technology conference in its 14th year, and we got a few minutes with Executive Director Brad Smith to talk about the conference, its speakers, and some of the things that have come out of it over the years.

By Robert Haydon, Marketing Strategist
May 24, 2012

Sprinting to Drupal 7 - Interviews with the sprint team

It was sprint time last week here in Portland, where over 20 people came to upgrade up to Drupal 7. There were 5 different teams focusing on different aspects of the project: infrastructure, Git, Project module updates, general upgrade of specific modules, and making the Bluecheese theme responsive.

By Robert Haydon, Marketing Strategist
May 1, 2012

An update on our Mobile Traffic

Predictably, our mobile traffic continues to grow. The most popular visitors are on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad (#1 and #2 respectively). This may account for some surprising changes from last year.

By Robert Haydon, Marketing Strategist
April 20, 2012

DrupalCon PDX 2013 Kick off!

Countdown to DrupalCon initiated! Metal Toad went to the kickoff meeting for DrupalCon 2013, which is taking place right here in our fair city of Portland, Oregon. Portland is full of people who are enthusiastic about open source software, and Drupal in particular.

By Robert Haydon, Marketing Strategist
April 13, 2012

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