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Using the Token module to enhance the Editor experience

The Setting: A planet far, far away. Our valiant heroine struggles to climb a volcano in time to rescue a darling puppy. Clouds of ash drift in the late afternoon wind, and the heat waves from the flowing lava distort the horizon. The ground shifts under her feet and we see crevices open in the rock of the slope ahead...

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
April 6, 2015

Drupal Solr Search with Domain Access filtering

Metal Toad has had the privilege to work over the past two years with DC Comics. What makes this partnership even more exciting, is that the main dccomics.com site also includes sites for Vertigo Comics and Mad Magazine. Most recently Metal Toad was given the task of building the new search feature for all three sites. However, while its an awesome privilege to work with such a well known brand as DC, this does not come without a complex set of issues for the three sites when working with Apache Solr search and Drupal.

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 23, 2014

Some reflections on working with new-to-the-company Junior Developers

It all started the other day with a git pull from the development branch of one of our projects. I took a sip of my coffee, hit refresh on my browser, looked out the window at the sun over Portland's waterfront, and looked back at the screen.

Oh, crap.

Multiple large page header marquees I'd just finished building out were mostly broken, and page layout around them wasn't looking so great, either. My first thought was: did I have a merge conflict and somehow not notice?

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
November 22, 2013

Quick and handy iPad version-detection plugin for PhoneGap

We were recently using PhoneGap on an iPad specific JavaScript app (HTML5 in PhoneGap with Drupal data backend FTW!) and ran into a problem with the first gen iPad's RAM capability. For this specific project we just needed to disable some functionality for iPad 1 users, so I (with some objective C help from Chris) cobbled together a quick iPad version detection plug-in.

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
September 11, 2012

PhoneGap Day! Michael Brooks on Contributing to Apache Cordova

Michael Brooks, @mwbrooks

Open Source
Designers are needed.
Tech writers are really, really needed.

"I want to join, but I'm afraid of criticism and making mistakes."
Criticism is part of writing code.
You will make mistakes, but no one cares, its part of the learning

All Projects are different

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 20, 2012

PhoneGap Day! Andrew Lunny and Hardeep Shoker on Phonegap Build

Andrew Lunny @alunny & Hardeep Shoker @hardeepshoker

Andrew was the person who named it Callback, he's the bad person.

PhoneGap Build is an Adobe product in public beta, and free for now.

Build builds apps in the cloud:
upload code
download apps

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 20, 2012

PhoneGap Day! Patrick Mueller on Weinre

Works at IBM @pmuellr

Weinre has a lot of functionality from webkit web inspector, he worked on building web inspector.
Adobe Shadow version is handy and cool- http://debug.shadow.adobe.com:8080/.
You can also install via npm, sudo npm -g install weinre

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 20, 2012

PhoneGap Day! James Burke on RequireJS and Phonegap

James Burke - works at Mozilla @jrburke

Why webapps? They deploy everywhere!

Phonegap, B2G/Firefox OS, wavysandbox/install helps get your code on a device.

Volo, cool CLI javascript package manager.

Require.js, AMD modules

The Great Sadness
(you are the linker, browser only, disparate automation)

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 20, 2012

Phonegap Day! Pamela Fox on Phonegap Pain Points

Pamela Fox - @pamelafox
She used to work for google, was on the Wave project.
When she quit Google, she decided to build her own app. Question was: native? cross-compiled (Titanium? Hybrid?

Decided on a combination of PhoneGap + twitter bootstrap + zepto.js

The easy part: Making it work.
The hard part: Making it work WELL. (I totally agree.)

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 20, 2012

Phonegap Day! Fil Maj on what's new in PhoneGap 2.0

We have two toads at PhoneGap Day here in Portland - you can follow the conference on Twitter #pgday. I'll be live blogging the event.

Here is what's new in PhoneGap 2.0:

By Aaron Amstutz, Senior Software Engineer
July 20, 2012

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