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Drupal and Fivestar, ajax style. A short case study.

So there we were, facing a Flash based video player that could have multiple tabs of many videos apiece. And we needed to have graphical user ratings that would be stored in the Drupal database and that looked just like fivestar on the user side. And we couldn't refresh the page when switching between videos. It just didn't look right. Luckily, the video player provider has a very verstile API and the player was firing Flash events that we could use to trigger actions. Out of this came an ajax/fivestar solution. This is what we did.

By Bob Tricoski, Web Developer
December 2, 2009

Drupal Views and custom search features

A recent project required the use of a view to create a custom search page. The view worked as expected, with exposed filters providing the multiple search options the client required. The problem was that the view would return results on first page load. What we wanted to see on first load was the search options and no results until after form submission. The fix was small, but made all the difference.

In the view we add an argument of type Global: Null
In the argument configuration choose "Provide default argument"
Set the argument type to "Fixed entry"
By Bob Tricoski, Web Developer
September 18, 2009

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