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What We Do

We're with you from concept to code

We think of our clients as teammates. We work as an integrated unit. And together we find the ah-ha moments that unlock transformative results. Get details of how we work.

How We Do it

Values: better work, a better world

We live by a set of core values that make every client interaction into a truly rewarding partnership.


Everyone who comes in contact with us discovers something helpful, whether a customer, a peer — or just a stranger in need.


Our curiosity propels our never-ending adventure: to be brave, to try new things, and to seek out the world's best.


We deliver great experiences from start to finish. This is always a central goal of every project and interaction.


We value other people's experiences and act by listening first. Because respect is not just fundamental to business, but to living in the world.

Provide Value

We deliver the best, and never over-engineer or spend money on things that aren't valuable.

A brief history

From an almost accidental start, Metal Toad has grown into a powerhouse of technological savvy and business consulting excellence. Here are a few of the pivotal moments we’ve encountered along the journey. 

Humble beginnings


Out of a tiny room in San Diego, founder Joaquin Lippincott begins building cutting-edge business websites 

Early 2006

Joaquin moves Metal Toad’s headquarters to Portland, OR to build web properties that keep up with the rapid pace of digital innovation

Rapid innovation

Mid 2006

Metal Toad pledges to open source and begins contributing to several major projects


We help the Emmys become the first awards show to transform their brochureware site into a news destination

Early 2010

We build a unified international platform for Sony’s 100s of properties—a cloud-type solution before the cloud existed

Late 2010

We build M-GO, one of the first streaming “go” apps, included on the first Samsung smart TV

Coding the digital future


Our key values come into focus, guiding true partnership with our clients

Early 2014

We build the OS and app for the first smart watch, which Intel debuted at CES 

Mid 2014

Mattel partners with us to create a mobile game using wearables to track movement and location—the first of its kind 

Late 2014

We pioneer the use of Solr as an enterprise-wide solution for Sony, spanning all business units and geographies 

Early 2015

UNFI partners with us to bring their supply chain management into the 21st century

Mid 2015

ABC becomes the first network to move their lineup schedule to a hyperdynamic app, built by Metal Toad

Late 2015

We level up fleet management for Daimler with advanced analytics driven by IoT data

Transforming the tech landscape

Early 2016

We create the first ever anti-piracy platform for the MPAA, merging many disparate data sources into a single source of education and entertainment 

Late 2016

We celebrate 10 years of coding the digital future

Early 2017

We migrate the Sony Rewards program to the cloud, the first such major migration of a corporate loyalty program spanning dozens of business units

Mid 2017

Metal Toad wins Oregon Business 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon for the second time

Late 2017

Our work with Siemens Gamesa introduces the first-ever advanced cloud implementation of sensor IoT data on offshore wind turbines 


Our biannual company hackathon focuses on the Internet of Things and the cloud 

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