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This has happened before and it will happen again.

    Ever since Grace Hopper came up with the A language programmers have been trying to create new languages and processes that make it easier to do work with computers. This has led to a constant flow of new ideas, syntaxes and programs that purport to make our lives as programmers better and easier. 

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
October 29, 2015

Force Touch for Safari in Javascript

First I explored Force Click on the Mac. Now it is on the web with javascript in Safari. There has long been hooks for touches and gestures on Safari for iOS devices. Now we have a new paradigm for the web from these new force touch enabled Macbook Pros. My demo does not work currently with the new 3d Touch enabled iPhone 6s' but I suspect these additions will make their way to the phone sooner than later.

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
October 7, 2015

WatchOS 2 Animations with Completion Blocks

Now that WatchOS 2.0 is released we have more than just frame animations in the SDK. It now has animation support for moving things around on-screen. It's not terribly powerful because it is based on their layout engine. The layout engine organizes content by Group, Image and Alignment. If it were D&D alignment it would be Lawful Neutral, which doesn't sound fun, but it's not even that much fun; it's alignment to a parent element (left, right, top, bottom). Many properties are animatable, though, including alignment, width/height, background color/image, color and tint color.

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
September 29, 2015

Use the Force Touch

Every once in a while, Mac OS X gains new features that require us to change code. It doesn't happen often. The last time was for retina displays. Now the new-fangled thing is Force Touch. Thus far, the only "feature" that people talk about is that it doesn't "click" when the computer is off. I've literally seen people at the Apple store shut down some of the new macbooks just to ooh and aww over it not clicking when off. This is probably more a factor of force touch feeling almost exactly like the old trackpads.

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
May 26, 2015

What I Did Over the Weekend

Author inside the Experience
By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
January 27, 2015

Short-circuiting SpriteBuilder to use Cocos2d-swift Programmatically

The goal is to create a project with SpriteBuilder and then not use the nice GUI and ccb files that it provides. This may enable you to convert an already-made project or to use other tools for your GUI or just to do everything in code.

To make a project you need to go into SpriteBuilder and pick File->New Project from the menu. 
It give you a new project with a blue gradient background and a CCLabelTTF that says 'SpriteBuilder'.

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
January 16, 2015

Origin Story

IOrigin is 0,0!'m not talking about getting bit by a radioactive spider or being given a green ring by some random aliens. I'm talking about 0,0. You may remember it from math class. We've got the vertical Y line, the horizontal X line and (on the example to the left) I've marked our origin 0,0.

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
January 5, 2015

Covering our Assets

Whenever a programmer and a designer get together they need to agree on a common language. That often involves mock-ups, aspect ratios, points, pixels and work-flow. 

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer
December 2, 2014

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