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Regex for Quoted String with escapable quotes

This post is a long-format reply to Jonathan Jordan's recent post. Jonathan's post was about the non-capturing backreference in Regular Expressions. He and I are both working a lot in Behat, which relies heavily on regular expressions to map human-like sentences to PHP code. One of the common patterns in that space is the quoted-string, which is a fantastic context in which to discuss the backreference (and also introduce lookarounds). Please read hist post first, as from here on the tone and perspective of this post is reply-oriented. Read More…

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Puppet Labs Chooses Drupal

Puppet Labs launched with an amazing new responsive website, powered by Drupal. The site is a power-user's dream and allows for drag-and-drop GUI configuration of the mobile, tablet and desktop versions - all within the browser. The site uses Panels heavily - Panopoly and a new Metal Toad module called Break Point Panels. Read More…

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If Your Business Carries Insurance, You Should be Paying More Than $50/month for Hosting.

In the year 1999, if you ran a business and you had a website, you were ahead of the game. It meant that in addition to finding you in the Yellow Pages (where most people still looked) you could also be found on the "World Wide Web". In most cases, there wasn't a whole lot of business to be had, but it was still good to get yourself out there. At the time the costs were similar for listing yourself in the Yellow Pages and over the next 10 years commodity competition in the hosting space, meant that hosting could be found for as little as $5 dollars per month. Here's why in the year 2013, that's a bad idea: Read More…

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Samsung Music Chooses Drupal

SamsungMusic.com (formerly Samsung Music Hub) launched earlier this year pushing the boundaries of HTML5 and responsive web design. It was designed to work (obviously) across a large number of Android devices, with the animations taking full advantage of the built in GPU acceleration available on many mobile devices. The design was done by our awesome partners at Oakland-based Emotive Brand. With its single page layout, the site is modern and hip - and also happens to sit on top of Drupal. Another large brand name for Drupal, and another demonstration of Drupal's complete compatibility with mobile devices. Read More…