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A Call for an Open Source CoverOregon.com

This is a copy of an open letter written to the Governor of Oregon regarding the Oregon health exchange. (PDF) --- Dear Mr. Kitzhaber, In light of the recent resignation of the Oregon Health Authority director, Bruce Goldberg and the previous resignation of Cover Oregon director, Rocky King, I feel that I need to speak up. Read More…

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Drupal 7 Tutorial: Using Entityqueue with Views

Last time I gave a quick introduction on how to create and manage queues using Entityqueue. This time I'll show you how to use them with Views to display content sorted by their position in the queue. First create your view like you normally would. The screenshots in this example, we are using a view of Content (aka Nodes), but this should be the same process for any entity type. Then click add in the "Relationships" section. Select the Entityqueue relationship handler. Read More…

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Drupal vs. WordPress? Who Cares?! They Are Both Open Source.

Every week I hear about someone choosing WordPress over Drupal (or vice versus). While there are certainly differences between the two platforms, they are more alike than people typically care to admit: Both are used as content management systems. Both are written in PHP Both are optimized for the LAMP stack. Both are free open source. Both are supported by massive and highly active communities Both are significantly better than the traditional closed source alternatives that are still entrenched in the enterprise. For the visually inclined the overlap of just the LAMP stack is shown here: Read More…

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DrupalCon 2014 Call for Sessions!

It's that time again! DrupalCon is right around the corner and it's time to submit your talk. The theme this year is Drupal 8 and that means that we'll be covering things like Symphony, Twig, and the other new components that make up Drupal 8. Do you have a talk about how to use the new templating system? Want to share how OOP works in Drupal 8? Submit your session now! See you in Austin! The call for content ends March 7th at 11:59PM Austin local time (UTC -6). Read More…