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Metal Toad builds HTML5 applications with JavaScriptMVC

What is JavaScriptMVC?

JavaScriptMVC development

JavaScriptMVC boosts jQuery into a full featured application framework. While jQuery provides an elegant code syntax, JavaScriptMVC delivers a strong data layer, smart logic layer, and versatile view layer that empowers developers to create large HTML5 applications. The JavaScriptMVC suite of products includes all that an application developer could ask for - extensible object-oriented libraries (jQueryMX), scaffold generation scripts, automated documentation sites (DocumentJS), dependency management (StealJS), and rich functional/unit testing (FuncUnit).

Who is using JavaScriptMVC?

  • Grooveshark
  • Zend
  • Wegener
  • Kaplan

Out of the Box

JavascriptMVC is a full featured application framework. From the core framework, you can develop rich applications, thorough documentation sites, and visual automated test results. The suite can be downloaded as a whole, or in its four component pieces: jQueryMX (the MVC layer), DocumentJS (Doc site generator), StealJS (dependency management), and FuncUnit (automated functional and unit testing based on qUnit).

How does Metal Toad Media use JavascriptMVC?

Metal Toad Media has developed large enterprise applications using JavaScriptMVC. Our clients’ software has involved extensive data server integration, packaged deployment for mobile and desktop, and dozens of plugin extensions. Metal Toad Media develops the entire solution - from core JavaScriptMVC installations to rich applications deployed to various platforms.

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