Technology Consultants Modernizing Business



Partnership with Metal Toad starts with you, your business needs, and your desired outcomes. From initial discovery to final deployment, the consultative process is designed to be as detailed and thorough as possible while never losing sight of the end goal.

We’re the technology strategists who serve as a bridge between digital marketing and complex technology architecture.
We’ll work closely with your team to perform a comprehensive technical discovery phase, which results in clear specifications and recommendations aligned with your business needs.


In-depth upfront discovery links directly to Metal Toad’s development phase. Your desired content solutions are custom tailored to suit key stakeholder needs and constant communication informs you of any opportunities uncovered throughout the development process.

Coupling strategic business know-how with development talent creates an optimal partnership for your development projects.
Metal Toad builds sleek and stylized iOS, Android, and Windows apps and incorporates them into your entire web-based ecosystem.
Solving the vast complexities of your data migrations and third-party data integrations with experienced API planning, testing, data validation, and quality assurance.
Metal Toad provides a set of custom CMS tools to suit your specific needs.


Technical expertise at Metal Toad offers custom solutions to your web needs. From digital asset managers to enterprise search, your users are ensured optimal user experiences with all the necessary tools for success.

Our stack enables you to deploy enterprise-level multi-site search and search solutions with a high level of transparency and customizability.
Our digital asset management products are built on open source solutions, freeing you from expensive licenses, vendor lock-in, and a variety of other potential headaches.

Managed Services

Around-the-clock support and security serving you. From enabling custom cloud solutions to traffic testing, Metal Toad ensures that your site’s performance is never compromised.

We use ethical hacking, line-by-line code reviews, our own static code analysis tools, and an uncompromising belief in high standard software to measure the security of your systems.
Our top tier senior programmers are put on the phone with you to solve your toughest challenges. We've got the right talent available 24x7 without any outsourcing, automated attendants, or ignored emails.
Our Custom Cloud is the polar opposite of commodity cloud hosting: We build the cloud according to your business strategy and IT requirements for governance, usability, compliance and interoperability.
Our Benchmark Test Package is tailored to your unique infrastructure and real-world traffic patterns.