We are problem solvers and modern technology is our tool belt.

Technology is the fastest, highest return way to make significant impacts in business. Every year new innovations emerge across industry lines - all powered by modern technology. For Metal Toad, strategy and implementation across the web and mobile sphere are how we bring positive change to organization. Our engagements can be full-cycle or tactical, depending on the business needs. Because we can start with strategic planning and end with deployment,training, and support in real world, we are able to bring value before and after the RFP.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Forward-Deployed Engineering
  2. Stakeholder Buy-in
  3. Implementation
  4. Managed Services & Support

1. Forward-Deployed Engineering

Our approach to strategy is deeply collaborative. Our consulting team is made up of engineers with real-world technical knowledge, balanced with a respect for our clients area knowledge. We work onsite with our customers to develops flexible plans that use best-in-breed technological solutions to address real business problems.

2. Stakeholder Buy-in

In the enterprise, there is never just one stakeholder. Because of this, we make sure any of our strategic plans involve interviews with key stakeholders as well as making sure our documentation deliverables use beautiful infographics to help reinforce key findings. We also build on our customer relationships, establishing trust by following through and providing an exceptional level of quality.

3. Implementation

Good planning is great, but there is no substitute for delivery. With a team of over 14 in-house fulltime developers we bring more muscle to the table than your typical agency. Our experience spans multiple platforms and technologies - and with our continuous R&D they are always evolving. Read more about Technical Services.

4. Managed Services & Support

Beyond being able to deliver code, we take our relationships further. With our experience in deploying applications to the cloud that deliver under massive load (think Primetime Emmys) and our focus on long term support, you have a partner for the long run. Read more about Managed Services.

What we are not*

Just as important as knowing what we do, we feel it's also important to know what we don't do.

  • We are not a branding or traditional advertising agency.*
  • We are not a packaging design firm.*
  • We are not a Microsoft shop.*

* While we are not these things, we are always happy to introduce you to amazing companies that can help you in these areas.

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