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Keeping It Local

Based in downtown Portland, Metal Toad has become a nationally recognized web development firm that has produced high-end web applications. The Toads been developing custom web applications out of the Portland Metro area for over a decade and, though many of Metal Toad's high-profile Clients are based outside of Portland, the focus has always been local. 

Being able to regularly consult in person is one of the many advantages to doing business in the Portland Metro are. Not only are there plenty of Oregon-based organizations that need help seeking the world's best technology and processes, but there are also an abundance of opportunities to make an impact on the community in which we live.

In addition to providing custom web development, the Toads also take pride in working closely with our Clients to identify and achieve their goals. Obviously, face-to-face meetings aid in this aim and the Toads regularly welcome local partners to come sit in on our demos and daily scrums. We'll even build you a desk in our office!

As a result, every web development project from Metal Toad is customized to fit your budget and deadline - as well as your personal work style.

Consult a Portland-based Toad to get answers to any of your web development questions.


Our Portland Clientele

Metal Toad's highly-specialized team is no stranger to delivering customized web development projects on-time and on-budget. The following list is a small sample of satisfied Portland-area customers who the Toads are proud to consider Partners:

  • Verizon
  • Puppet Labs
  • Schrödinger
  • Marmoset Music
  • RNA Networks
  • Blue Sky Networks
  • Inspiration Software
  • InFocus Projectors
  • Cover Oregon
  • AIGA Portland
  • +E
  • Motosport
  • The Lund Report


Contact Us

To learn more about how the Toads can help your organization, please contact us for a potential PDX partnership!