Chris Trahey
Director of Strategy

Formally, we think of Chris as a "forward deployed engineer". Really, that just means you'll meet him and have conversations earlier in the process than you might normally expect for an engineer. At Metal Toad, we find that solving problems isn't the right place to start, so we dedicate resources to finding the right problems first, and that's where Chris comes in. During the project exploration phase, Chris is essentially a member of your team, evaluating projects, opportunities, challenges, key roles, and business & social objectives.

Once the best problems are discovered (yup!), Chris works with the Metal Toad engineering team to help your team architect solutions on a broad scale, building a comprehensive strategy that never looses sight of your goals and resources.

Chris has over a decade of experience building digital solutions to solve business problems and take advantage of opportunities. With direct business experience in the education sector, specialty coffee, and media production, his breadth of insight have lead to a migration from software engineering into broader strategy work while never releasing the kind of inquiry and thought processes native to the development world.

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