Adam Edgerton
Director of Project Management & Operations

As the Director of Project Management & Operations, Adam leads Metal Toad's operations and project management teams. That means he's involved with day-to-day operations, big-picture planning and operational projects, company process, managing/mentoring/leading project managers, organization-wide resourcing, and parts of just about every other facet of the business. Previously over several years of project management roles at the Toad, he worked with a number of industry leading-organizations including the Linux Foundation, DC Comics, FEARnet, KEEN footwear, PBS, ABC, Technicolor, and the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra.

When not hard at work at Metal Toad, Adam enjoys cycling, climbing mountains and rocks, hiking, backpacking, running, and generally being active outdoors. With the small bits of time left after work, cycling, and various outdoor adventures, his other hobbies include cooking, traveling, photography, reading and writing, learning new web languages, watching movies, and enjoying music. He's also the founder of PDX Digital PM, Portland's meetup group for digital project managers and producers.

Adam grew up in Alaska and came to Oregon for college. He graduated with double-honors from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. After graduation, he spent 6 months working with an event marketing agency traveling the country to marathons and triathlons and explored 44 states in the process, but Oregon still came out on top of his list of places to live, and he is happy to call Portland home.

You can find him on Twitter @AdamEdgerton or on any number of other social networks at