Drupal Give

Metal Toad Media loves giving back to the Drupal. Whether through code contribution or sponsorship of Drupal events, Metal Toad Media is committed to the community that has given us back so much.

Modules We've Built

Cron Roles is a simple module to grant admin-selected roles to the anonymous user that cron tasks run as.

Google Analytics Reports provides graphical reporting of your site's tracking data. Graphical reports include a dashboard widget for admins, a small path-based report in blocks, and a full path-based report.

What this module does is add a formatter to the Image field type that allows you to specify it as a JAIL image. You are also able to choose the appear method (Show, Slide, or Fade). In the settings you can check the box for user images.

This module allows you to upload an image in the menu-item's configuration form.

This is a plug-in for the notifications framework that notifies users of location-enabled content that is geographically near.

An experimental module to enable signing outgoing e-mail.

A small process which will redirect the required pages to a SSL version of the page.

Secure Pages Hijack Prevention

This is an add-on to the Secure Pages module that will prevent hijacked sessions from accessing SSL pages, yet still allow users to stay logged in when browsing non-SSL pages.

Smart Crop is an imagecache action that crops based on entropy, which produces more pleasing results when cropping to a fixed aspect (for example it can help prevent cutting off people's heads when cropping a portrait to a square. This does not mean it can do face detection, though that would be cool, wouldn't it?

This is a small module written to provide a custom formatter for taxonomy items.

Use tokens to pull in tokenized text, which is rendered in the same context.

Units API converts between various weights and measurements.

Use URL-provided arguments in views filter criteria, which is currently more flexible than Contextual Filters.

Modules We Support

Themes We've Made

Great HTML5 support based on the excellent Boilerplate HMTL5 template, a base fixed/flexible responsive layout similar to Zen, and SASS support, all while keeping the code base small.

Events We Have Sponsored

Find out more about the drupalgive initiative or check out Metal Toad Media on Drupal.org.