Careers: Senior Developer

Metal Toad Media is looking for a Senior Developer to join our in-office team.

Our work environment is a vibrant, collaborative one where we foster personal/professional growth of our developers. In this position you will work on and build exciting web and mobile applications ranging from internal projects to large deployments for publicly traded companies.

IMPORTANT: This is an in office position, so you must be local to Portland, Oregon. No outsourced firms or remote workers need apply.

About You

You are a master craftsperson and the web is your medium. Your customers enjoy conversations with you, your team is inspired by your high standards of quality, and your project managers are in awe of your estimation skills. You see code in patterns, you love to ship, and guiding the next generation of developers is part of your life philosophy.

In this role your responsibilities will include:

  • promote the highest standards of engineering in every moment of the day
  • listen to clients, architect their solution, and work with your colleagues and your apprentices until it ships
  • adapt our agency to the best technologies and methodologies
  • communicate your high standards in user stories, tech specs, architecture diagrams, decks, and infographics

Required Skills:

  • 5+ years of experience in web development
  • Several demonstrable open source contributions - from patches to pull requests to full projects
  • Strong and informed opinions about software development methodologies (XP, Scrum, etc)
  • Personal ability to explain software design patterns in your own terms
  • Experience with version control (Git, SVN, etc.)
  • Apache (or other web server) experience
  • Evidence of experience with class and prototype OOP (you will architect solutions, sometimes in languages you are not familiar with). Our most common languages are PHP 5.4+, Objective-C, Java, and JavaScript/AngularJS
  • Comprehension of the community standards in Drupal, AngularJS, Behat/Mink, SASS, and/or Puppet
  • Unix/Linux command line experience
  • Good communication skills & a great can-do attitude
  • Read (and agree to) our Corporate Values Statement


  • BS in computer science or related field
  • Ruby or Python experience
  • Explain the fundamental differences between SQL and No-SQL
  • Open source contributions visible on Github or Drupal
  • Mobile app development experience (iPhone, Android, etc)
  • Read the book the Mythical Man-Month

About Us

We are truly a technology focused company and provide freedom to the development team to try new things. Some of the things developers have created while at the company include:

Metal Toad Media is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any individual, employee, or application for employment on the basis of race, color, marital status, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, or any other legally protected status recognized by federal, state or local law.


  • Work-From-Home Policy
  • Participation in employee 20% profit share
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Simple IRA retirement plan with 1-3% company match
  • Paid Trimet pass (office right off of MAX line) and in-house bike rack
  • Apple Store Discount (0-10% depending on product)
  • Bose Store Discount
  • Blogging & R&D time
  • Paid conference attendance


Compensation based on experience.

Please reference Senior Developer in your subject line.

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